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IPMA Level A

Certified Projects Director

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IPMA Level B 

Certified Senior Project Manager

IPMA Level C 

Certified Project Manager

IPMA Level D 

Certified Project Manager

IPMA level A

Certified Projects Director

IPMA Level A – Certified Projects Director Entry requirements:

Shall have in the last eight years at least five years of experience in portfolio management and/or programme management with strategic relevance, of which three years were in responsible leadership functions in the management of complex portfolios or programmes and has two years of experience in managing projects. The time span of eight years can be extended up to 12 years with appropriate justification.


Core competence:

Applicants must be able to manage complex portfolios or programmes.

Additional requirements:

  • Applicants are responsible for the management of a complex portfolio of a company / organisation or a branch of an organisation, or for the management of one or more important programmes.

  • They contribute to strategic decisions and make proposals to senior management.

  • They develop project management personnel and coach project managers to improve their competence.

  • They directs project managers of a portfolio or programme and manage project management specialists nominated for the portfolio or programme.

  • They develops and implement project management requirements, culture, processes, methods, techniques, tools, handbooks and guidelines for programmes or portfolios.


For the IPMA Level A certification process, applicants must have a complex reference portfolio/programme, in which they have been the accountable portfolio/programme manager. If applicants propose a reference programme, the programme must have finished (not more than two years ago) to enable the applicant’s role in the overall success of the programme to be assessed.


The reference portfolio/programme must be sufficiently complex to be accepted as a reference portfolio/programme for the IPMA Level A certification process.

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